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Restoration of Port Host Impact Fees to Our Communities

Among the greatest frustrations I experienced while serving on the City Council was the Commonwealth’s failure to fund a long-standing budget line item that would provide the cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News state funds to help pay for the extra costs associated with managing port-related traffic in our communities.  While the ports of Virginia, most of which are in my House district, serve as a key economic driver for the entire Commonwealth, we, the taxpayers of Norfolk and Portsmouth, have been unfairly required to pay for the vital roadway maintenance needed to support port-related traffic out of our own pockets. For years, our repeated requests to the General Assembly for these critically-needed funds went unanswered.

In the 2016 session, the General Assembly passed a responsible, two-year balanced budget.  That budget fully funded public safety and increased funding for our education system without raising taxes. During this process, I fought for a budget amendment to restore full state funding to Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News for the long-ignored port host impact fees. I am pleased that, with the support of the House Appropriations Committee, I was able to fully restore payment of these fees to Norfolk and Portsmouth-- where every dollar counts. 

We are currently working on a new budget in the 2018 session which will cover the next two years of state operations. 

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