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Laying the Foundation for Wireless Communications for the Future

Among the most significant challenges limiting our ability to develop reliable communications throughout the Commonwealth are the widely inconsistent land use rules and regulations found among our localities governing wireless communications.  Wireless communications have become the primary means of communication, public safety, and economic development throughout the Commonwealth, particularly in rural areas where advances in communications infrastructure are not economically feasible.  To address this, I introduced HB1347, which is designed to put Virginia at the cutting edge of the nation in preparing us for the 5G wireless infrastructure statewide.

With the support of the House Commerce and Labor Committee, my HB1347 has been carried over to the 2017 session, so that a work group comprising senior members of the House, stakeholders in the wireless industry and in local government, and the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Technology can fine-tune this vital legislation. This work group has already begun its work to evaluate and improve my Bill, so that Virginia can continue to have the wireless infrastructure that supports public safety, increases economic development, and serves our citizens and visitors with cutting-edge high quality technology.  I am truly optimistic that with the support of many members of the legislature, the executive branch, local government, and private industry, my Bill will become successful legislation next year.    

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