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"I was humbled at the outpouring of support I received during my candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates for the 79th district. From a failure to protect us against predatory tolls on our tunnels, to cuts in state funding to our localities for education, to blocking working class families from accessing healthcare, to eroding our voting rights for the elderly and disabled, Politicians are often on the wrong side of history.  Enough is Enough!  I am here to stand up and fight for the residents of Portsmouth and Norfolk who deserve a voice in Richmond.  I'm here to serve you."     
-Steve Heretick

Toll Relief

Recognizing that no meaningful effort to achieve regional toll relief can occur without a sound fiscal plan, I was proud to have introduced HJ73, which requested a study to be conducted by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to devise a financial plan to eliminate tolling on the Downtown and Midtown tunnels.

Relief From Abusive Tolling Practices

As you know, collection of tolls on our tunnels is managed by a private for-profit corporation which is generally free of governmental oversight.  

Restoration of Port Host Impact Fees to Our Communities

Among the greatest frustrations I experienced while serving on the City Council was the Commonwealth’s failure to fund a long-standing budget line item which would provide relief to the cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News to help pay for the extra costs associated with managing port-related traffic in our communities

Economic Development

The 2016 General Assembly session also saw progress on broad-ranging economic development and revitalization efforts.

Laying the Foundation for Wireless Communications for the Future

Among the most significant challenges limiting our ability to develop reliable communications throughout the Commonwealth are the widely inconsistent land use rules and regulations found among our localities governing wireless communications.

Criminal Justice Reform

Among the most challenging issues in our urban areas is meaningful criminal justice reform, which balances our safety with the need for fairness in the process. 

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